24 May 2013

Oklahoma Tornado Relief

With the constant news coverage of the terrible tornadoes that ripped through Moore, Oklahoma, I have found myself even more appreciative lately of everything that I really do take for granted.  Running water, clothes on my back, food to eat (with a kitchen to cook in).  There are so many simple luxuries that many people in this now "famous" town have lost.

If you are still hoping to make a donation to the Red Cross, Close to My Heart has provided a simple opportunity for you to do so.  With the $2.95 purchase of this Thank You stamp, CTMH will be sending 100% of its profits to the Red Cross.  After many tragedies that our nation has endured, CTMH always finds a way to give back.  I am really proud of this company and the way it desires to help those effected by events such as the tornadoes in Oklahoma.

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